Welcome to CardPro International The Trading Arm of Card Professionals Limited

brings to you the benefits of 36 years dedicated involvement in the I/C Memory Card arena.

The company pioneered Memory Card applications in the 1980's and was involved in the introduction of the PCMCIA PC Card Standard during an association with Centennial Technologies Inc. in the early 1990's.

The CardPro 2000 range of PCMCIA compatible SRAM and LINEAR FLASH PC Cards and SRAM PC Card Back-up Battery Monitors are designed in house and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Omnidrive USB interface PCMCIA PC Card Reader/Writers for use with SRAM, ATA or LINEAR Flash PC Cards are also available ex-stock U.K.

MIPS TYPE 38 EDGE CARDS are available to special order. are the sole legal manufacturer of these products and are patented in UK, USA and European Union Countries.

The company has unmatched knowledge and experience of Memory Card applications and provides technical support at no charge to Card customers to ensure continued operation of their valuable legacy equipment.

The design and manufacture of Custom Adaptors to enable the use of PC Cards in place of obsolete Card products is part of this service.

A specific example of this is a Custom Adaptor to enable the use of specially configured PCMCIA SRAM PC Cards in BONAS S200 Controllers and PCMCIA FLASH PC Cards specially configured for use in BONAS S250 Controllers.