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A range of ā€œAā€ and ā€œEā€ version 38edge Cards with OTP or FLASH memory devices are available to special order. Minimum order quantities apply.

Popular type numbers available are:

  1. A244-20 1 Megabit OTP
  2. A264-20 4 Megabit OTP
  3. A344-89 1 Megabit FLASH
  4. A354-89 2 Megabit FLASH

  5. E264-20 4 Megabit OTP
  6. E344-20 1 Megabit FLASH
  7. E354-20 2 Megabit FLASH
  8. E374-89 8 Megabit FLASH

The 38edge card was designed in Japan in 1983 and the first ever to be put in volume production in 1984.

Card Professionals Ltd acquired the patents for this product in 1998 and since then have been the sole legal manufacturer of this product range.

They have been used in many domestic and industrial applications including the motor industry.

Production volumes reached 10,000 a year at its peak, but now there are very few made to replace defective items in legacy equipment.

It may become an end-of-life product by the end of 2020, 36 years later! If you are likely to need any of these Cards for replacement purposes,now is the time to place your last orders.