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Value Added Services

We provide highly skilled technical support to our OEM card customers. This includes advice on the design of Card interfaces, to finding solutions to keep card based legacy equipment in operation.

Knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years involvement in the Card industry gives us unmatched abilities to design and manufacture custom Cards and Card associated equipment.

We provide custom labelling solutions for customers using a Thermal Transfer colour printing system with the following features: Creates barcodes, Serial numbering, Auto scalable True Type fonts, Multiple primary colours and High resolution graphics. The labels and printing inks used are able to withstand wide temperature ranges, solvent and aqueous cleaning and mild abrasives. There are no charges for label design and there is only a per label charge for complex multicolour designs.

We offer a no charge programming service to card customers. In the case of 38edge OTP Cards this ensures that the customer gets a 100% yield, without bearing the cost of inevitable programming failures.

All Cards that we sell are rigorously tested up to 5 times before being shipped. The testing facility allows the correction of programming defects, attribute memory corruption and formatting errors for customers Cards.

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